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Printing on glass

Wouldn’t it be great to change the look of your office, company headquarters or any other place, giving it an individual character? The glass printing service is a real hit. Thanks to this advanced technology you can apply any image on the glass surface making it a delightful and eye-catching decoration. It is a perfect solution when you want to place decorative graphics, company logo, products or any other image at the company’s headquarters. It is also a great way to create an amazing decoration for the interior of a private home. Glass prints will look great in any room regardless of the place of exposition: living room, bathroom, kitchen or other any interior.

We have a modern and specialized equipment that allows us to make printouts with rich colours and photographic print quality. That makes the print look outstanding. Using UV printing method the printed graphics are hardened with UV light. This means that the paint dries very quickly giving a high durability and a great final look. The advantage of this technology is the fact that the graphics are printed on the left side in mirror image. Thanks to this, the print is on the wall side and is not exposed to external factors which makes it very durable and practically indestructible.

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Questions & Answers

View a list of frequently asked questions and answers about display furniture and stands.

If you are interested in advertising and pricing, write an e-mail to the following address: reklama@d-g.com.pl and provide us with as many details as possible, e.g. dimensions, target placement of the ad (indoor/outdoor), desired material. This way we can prepare a more accurate valuation.

Yes, if the customer wishes, we can ship the order to the indicated place. The cost of this service depends on the weight of the package and its final destination.

We operate not only in Poland but the area of our activity covers the whole world :). We are no strangers to shipments to the European Union, but also far beyond … eg United Arabic Emirates.

It depends on what kind of advertisement are you looking for, but please have in mind when preparing large-format graphics:

  • for works viewed up close and an area of 2 m² the minimum is 100 – 150 dpi;
  • for works viewed up close and an area of more than 2 m² the minimum is 72 – 100 dpi;
  • for works viewed from a distance the minimum is 60 dpi.

The most important thing is to convert the colours to CMYK colour palette. All texts must be converted to curves. It is also important to add bleed for trimming.

We accept files in all popular formats though we recommend files in the following formats: * .tiff, * .pdf, * .ai, * .eps, *. psd, *. Indd, we also accept * .cdr (version X9 or lower, but we do not recommended for additional effects, e.g. lens, tonal transition, etc.)

We will be happy to help 🙂 We will start with designing a logo and on that basis everything else needed to start your business or to empower its position on the market. We carry out virtually all projects, from business cards through leaflets, brochures, to outdoor advertising. We will try to find the most suitable solution for your budget. You can count on our support and vast experience.

Yes. Our assembly department has all the necessary permissions to install advertisements from a lift or scaffolding. We even make assemblies with the use of mountaineering equipment at high altitudes.