Pro-Komp is not just a company. It is experience, commitment, creativity, the highest production standards and above-average quality that the advertising world requires. Behind each banner, furniture or stand that we create stands almost a 19 year experience on the Polish advertising market, extensive technical facilities and hours of diligent work of highly qualified staff. Our employees make sure that each project is executed at the highest production level and that it fills demanding customer’s needs. If necessary they are happy to provide any sort of advice when choosing adequate solutions e.g. 3D letters, lightboxes, boards and banners or any other products for outdoor and indoor advertising. All of this and our professional machines allows us to pay attention to the smallest details at every single stage of production while maintaining deadlines, providing high quality and competitive prices. We fully trust the work we do. We want to share this trust with our customers.

We have created our offer to comprehensively correspond to current market needs. We make various elements of outdoor and indoor advertising, 3D letters, advertising panels, boards, banners and many more. We are constantly developing, introducing various innovations and technical novelties to our offer. If you want to empower and enhance your position on the marker, present your services or products in a way that attracts new customers, create something outstanding for your company’s look, then do not hesitate to reach to us. We will help you find the most effective and optimized solution.

“Joining forces is the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Design Group the brand of Pro-Komp Company


To meet the expectations of the market and the expectations of our partners, we use eco-solutions adapted to the possibilities and quality vs price. Materials that are not 100% recyclable and cannot be replaced with recyclable equivalents have been produced in with a different production process to reduce harmful impact on the environment.

We care for the environment by using certified printing inks.

As a signatory to the UN Global Accords, Canon is committed to responsibly meeting customers’ needs for sustainable, green growth, thereby fulfilling its role as a responsible corporate entity. The Design Group company ensures that it uses only original Canon inks. Thanks to that we and our customers can be sure of the high quality production and compliance with the standards specified by the manufacturer. The printing technology used by us allows the usage of printouts in schools, hospitals and public places.

Ink without VCL

VCL (N-Vinyl Caprolactam) is a chemical compound that has traditionally been used in inks. Most ink manufacturers plan to replace VCL with safer components. UVgel ink does not use VCL at all.

No HAP substances

HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants) substances is the collective name for a group of 187 specific substances with a toxic effect. The TNO organization has carried out extensive testing of preliminary emissions of substances from the UVgel printing process and from prints made with this technology. It was found that both the printer and the completed printouts do not emit any HAP substances.

No Volatile Organic Substances (VOC)

Volatile organic substances (VOCs) are found in inks that contain carbon. These substances can evaporate easily during the printing process. UVgel is an ink technology that meets the most stringent emission standards for this type of substance and contains almost no volatile organic substances (VOC). Moreover, the UVgel technology does not require the use of any liquids or solvents for maintenance. Canon UVGel inks: AgBB-Certificates related to the emission of Volatile Organic Substances (VOCs).

Certified inks with Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex.

Eco Passport inks meet the requirements for sustainable textile production, meet certain requirements in terms of sustainability, safety and compliance with legal regulations.

We offer printing with the use of ecological substrates (30% and 100% recycled hard substrates, 100% recyclable hard substrates, ecological papers.)


Since 2003, Pro-Komp has been a trustworthy partner in the field of visual advertising solutions. Gained knowledge and vast experience result in achieving further successes of the projects carried out.

Our motto and at the same time our greatest strength are competence, quality and experience. We do not offer the cheapest services. We do not want to produce and sell at any price competing with other companies at the lowest price point where quality ceases to matter. We make the products worth its reasonable price thus we prioritize modernity and high quality. With us all client comes out with a ready solution and products that will meet their expectations.

Our name stands for: Pro (PROFESSIONALLY) Komp (COMPREHENSIVE) So it does obligate!